2003 – I started making wine about 2003, first a kit, then grapes, then more grapes, barrels, and before I knew it I had a lot of wine! 
2015 – People kept asking to purchase my wine, so in 2015 I got my license.
2019 – I rented a small tasting room at 2121 Meridian East in Edgewood in order to have regular hours and a place to see customers, provide tasting, host small events, and sell wine.
2019 – Sisters Rule Wine label launched, to provide a value wine option, as well as custom labeling for gifts and special events.  We still have the printer and it’s still fun to do custom labels.
2020 – We had just moved into a larger space right next door in February 2020 when Covid hit, and we had to be creative.
2021 – We closed the tasting room and the space re-opened as the Wine Spot, a wine bar, with tasting flights, more wines, more hours, more food, less moose, and most of the time with Gina behind the bar instead of me. 

January 1, 2023 I sold my interest in the Wine Spot to Gina so now I get to enjoy just being a customer. 

2023 – Bottled the 2019 Moose Canyon vintage in November, and then the 2020 in January, sold the barrels and tanks, sold the crusher, corker, and bottler, and starting the big close out and clearance process.  Whatever is left as of May 31st will become my  personal stock, and Moose Canyon will be closed so we can move to Port Townsend.  I’m sure Gina will buy some Moose Canyon to serve at the Wine Spot, but that will probably be the only local place to buy Moose Canyon Wines.

My very sincere thanks to my friends and customers (there is a lot of overlap) for helping to make my dream to come true.  I love you all – Cheers to my Retirement in Port Townsend!