Konnowac Vineyard, my grape source for YEARS has been sold, and I will be getting grapes from other sources.  1500# of Cabernet Sauvignon and 1500# of Merlot, will come from Two Mountain Vineyard.  250# each of Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot will come from Dineen Vineyard.  And 500# of Malbec will come from Ginkgo Forrest.  It’s a new day.  Two Mountain and Dineen are both managed by Patrick Rawn, and I have great respect for him so I’m not worried at all.  Likewise, Mike at Ginkgo has always provided good fruit and it will be fun to incorporate some Waluke Slope AVA into Moose Canyon.

In addition to a new grape source, I purchased a macro bin for fermenting this year.  It holds a ton of grapes, so the Cab and Merlot will be fermented in single batches; the others will be in the same fermenters of prior years.  The advantage of macro bins is that I can get the temperature up a little higher than past years, which I hope will be beneficial.  The disadvantage is that they are HUGE and heavy and punching down will be hard work.  Actually everything will be harder, especially in my tiny winery space.  The jury is still out.

Malbec and Merlot are fermenting,  Cab Franc is a week out, Cab Sauv and Petit Verdot expected in October.