Thank you to the Bottling crowd!

Sunday June 25 went VERY well, as we bottled 30 cases of wine in about 90 minutes.  That includes setup, dinking around with changing corker and bottler settings, changing from Rose to White wine, and some clean up.  Thanks so much to everyone, Michael & Leann, Steve & LaVaughn, Dave & Peggy, Sherry, Terri & Ron, Tom & Claudia, Orrin, Jerry, David, Ken, and of course the head Cellar Rat, Mark.  It is like a smooth running machine!  The wine is standing up right now, but in an other couple of days we will lay it down to store, and probably open the first bottle about July 8 see how its coming along.  Bottle shock is a mysterious and annoying thing, and all we can do is wait it out.  Then I can start selling this wine, and looking forward to bottling the Reds in August or September.  Thanks again and CHEERS!