January update

Today I spent the day in the winery, topping up all the barrels and tasting from them.  I’m so happy with how the wines are coming along, in particular the 2016 Blend and the 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon.  I don’t detect any negative impact of the smoke from all the 2017 fires, but I sure do taste oak from the new barrels we added.  Except for just a few bottles set aside for shipments, and the ones set aside for tasting room and personal consumption, I am sold out of the 2015 Meritage.  The Malbec and Cabernet were bottled in September so they have been in bottles for almost five months and both continue to improve.  My opinion on these two is: Not done yet.  Let them rest longer.  Although that’s easier said than done.  Cheers!