Terms and Conditions:

We can’t ship to every state based on shipping laws and regulations, but we can ship to most states, and each state has its own taxes and limits that we must follow.  We can’t ship to PO Boxes or military bases.

Shipments are sent by UPS, you will get a tracking number so that you know when to expect the wine and can be sure that there is an adult 21 years of age or older to sign for it.  After three attempts to deliver, shipments are held at UPS for a few days and then returned.  You may end up being charged for a return packaging fee or reshipping fee so please don’t let this happen.  Also, if you need to change a destination once the wine is shipped, UPS may charge a fee.  Sorry, these are their rules, not mine.

Once the order is processed, the wine is considered sold.  If any bottles break in shipment, let me know because they are insured and we will replace them.

Case discounts are not offered in wines being shipped, and there’s a $10 charge for packing materials and boxes, but we get good shipping rates from UPS so that helps.

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