FINAL DATE – Sunday May 14 – from 1pm to 4pm

LOCATION: At the winery, 9813 36th St E, Edgewood (253-225-1985 for additional information)

WINES FOR SALE (Samples available for tasting)

2019 Malbec
2020 Cabernet Franc
2019 Cabernet Sauvignon
2019 Merlot
2020 Malbec
2019-2020 Several different blends
2020 Reserve Malbec

Sold out the Bourbon barrel blend and the Barnacle bottles.

Price is $20/bottle, or $180 for a full case (that’s $15/bottle) or $100 for a half case (that’s $16.67/bottle) and you can mix & match.

I’m doing some organizing and keep running across other bottles, and may have some for sale.

And for another week, I can do some custom labels.