Hello!  My name is Dawne Swanson and I started making wine in about 2003.  First a kit, then grape juice, then grapes, and before I knew it I was making a lot of wine!  As I got better at this hobby, people started asking to buy my wine.  In 2015, my hobby became a business, and Moose Canyon Winery became the 889th licensed winery in Washington state.  We have 2016 dry Cabernet Franc Rose, and a small amount of 2016 white (Pinot Grigio) for sale, as well as 2015 Cabernet and Malbec. We sold out of the Meritage blend.  In the fall we will bottle more reds and release them this winter sometime.  Feel free to contact us to schedule a private tasting – no it’s NOT an inconvenience – and it’s much better than trying to follow regular tasting room hours.  We can host a very small gathering if you want to meet friends here, and if you time it right you can barrel taste. Disclaimer: There are no moose native to this part of Washington and no moose were harmed it the making of any wine.  Cheers!