Moose Canyon 2018 premium red wines were bottled September 19, will be released over the next few months, and will be sold out by the next summer.  We are pouring the Malbec now, no dates yet for the Cabernet or the Blend.
Sisters Rule wine supply is good, thanks to Covid, and we have white, rose, and red wines.  The Merlot and Chardonnay supplies are getting lower than the others.
For the holidays, we created a hot spiced (mulled) wine, and we have less than 2 cases left.  This wine is perfect on cold winter nights.

As of November 15, indoor service was disallowed.  We are now pouring outdoors at the winery, we have a tent and heater, and its just one mile away at 9813 36th St E in Edgewood.  We are open limited hours, but we also do local delivery.

Arni Adler has her art on display in the tasting room.  Although indoor service is not allowed, I am happy to meet you at the tasting room so that you can take a look.