Moose Canyon premium red wines were bottled September 19, will be released over the next few months, and will be sold out by the next summer.  We have samples so stop by!
Sisters Rule wine supply is good, thanks to Covid, and we have white, rose, and red wines.  The Merlot and Chardonnay supplies are getting lower than the others.

It’s like a freaking roller coaster!  But if it keeps us all safe, we are all in.  We have outdoor tasting, just working out the last few details to keep you dry and warm, and keep me legal.  We have indoor tasting, allowed only because we have a limited food menu.  Small plates of crackers, cheese, salami.  Small bowls of cheese, nuts, dried fruit.  And a variety of 4-5 full meal salads.  All pre-packaged and $5 or less.
Indoor seating remains six feet apart, even though there was some relaxation of that rule, still no bar seating and no more than six at a table.

Penny Firehorse has her original art on display in the Cheers! room until the end of November, followed by other artists.  I’m allowed to have the space open for people to see art, and it’s just past the bathroom which has to be open, so please plan to wander in and check it out.